How Much Does Moving Cost?

Almost everyone can attest that moving is challenging – physically, mentally and financially. Some people can associate moving to unwanted stress and crippling anxiety. Various factors can make a move successful or end up in failure. One particular element that seems too unbearable to some is the cost of moving.

We can never deny that moving is expensive, but the matter of how expensive it varies in different situations. What is costly for you might be affordable for others and vice versa. It all lays down on how the move goes on according to your budget. For the fact that each relocation is unique, you need to know what are the factors that could determine the expense of your ordeal.

Size does matter.

The size of your house plays a big part in your overall moving costs. If you have a big home, it’s a no-brainer that you would have a lot of items to move to your new residence. You may need to pack each room into boxes which can take a lot of time. The weight of all your belongings can influence your moving estimate if you’re moving long distance. Always remember, the heavier the load is, the more expensive it gets. So, it’s probably a great idea to downsize your home to save up on moving costs. Go for items that you need and get rid of those that would just add to the bulk. Donate to charity, give away to some friends or even hold a garage sale for some extra dough. You can always buy new furniture in your new neighborhood, so don’t hesitate in sending off that heavy furniture that might not fit in your new home.

How unique are your items?

Specialty items are harder to move and can add more to your moving expenses. One perfect example is the upright piano you’ve had in your family for years. Relocating a piano takes the right technique and the right tools especially if you want it moved down a flight of stairs. Chandeliers are no stranger to this too as it’s tedious to disassemble and assemble. Then you have those paintings, antique vases and the list goes on. The harder it is to move something, the costly it becomes to hire a local moving company.

Additional moving services: Opt-in or out?

If you’re hiring movers, chances are you might be opting for some extra services that could add up to your expenses. Moving companies cost may be affordable if you consider the circumstances. You need to think over if you need those additional services or if the extra fee is worth it. Maybe you just need to hire movers to move your stuff, and you can only deal with packing alone. Having help from friends and family to pack can save some money off. For temporary storage, think of the convenience that it will bring to you in your whole ordeal. Some additional expenses may help you get less stressed or maybe something that you would consider as a waste of your money.

Schedule your move.

The date of your moving day may affect your moving costs. If you’re moving on a busy season, it’s usual for you to see high rates from your local moving company and also the difficulty of fitting right in their schedule. Some reasons such as a job offer might not give you any chances to choose your schedule for the move. However, if you have a flexible schedule, you might decide to move during the off-season to get a great deal on moving rates. As much as possible, you may need to avoid weekends as well and choose weekdays to relocate.

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