Tips For Moving Large Furniture

Whether you live in a tiny or big house, you will have a collection of furniture in different sizes. Although it is easy to move a few pieces of small furniture, large furniture can be difficult to deal with. There are some options but are available to help you move large furniture. Below are some ideas on how to perform this task.

  • Find some male friends who have the muscles that help you move some of the bigger furniture. If you only move furniture around the house, they will be more than willing to lend a hand. Turn it into a social occasion and give lunch or dinner to make them more willing.
  • If you move to another house and only have some furniture that is big enough not to fit your car or van, look for moving companies or individuals with a truck or van to rent. They are easier to work with and pay per hour. If furniture is very valuable you first insure the furniture. Talk to the company owner and discuss their prices and terms.
  • If you rent a mover, make sure there is proper documentation about the large furniture that you entrust them. They should be able to help you prepare furniture for transfer to your new home. They can either pack up furniture or give you information on how to protect your furniture. They should also provide you with free packaging materials that you can use. Make sure you are present during the time the large furniture items are loaded to the truck.
  • Buy moving blankets and straps to protect and move large furniture quickly. Protect your large furniture from scratches and bumps by winding them securely insulating sensitive parts with moving cushions. Moving tapes help fewer people to lift large furniture easily.
  • If you do not have furniture slides or a dolly, use an old trick to move large furniture by placing a large blanket or towel under the feet of furniture and pull the blanket until you can get furniture to its new position. This can work on concrete, wood floors and even linoleum.
  • Use a dolly and / or a furniture control to move large furniture. These practical tools help you to move and move furniture easily around or out of the house. This will also eliminate the risk of furniture joints being weakened due to the furniture that is pulled around the house or outside the house.
  • Get more people to handle moving large furniture. More hands can lift large furniture from the ground and into the mobile truck easier. This will eliminate the risk of furniture falling while being lifted by a few people.
  • Use heavy duty gloves with rubberized fingers. This helps to protect the surface of furniture while providing you with a firmer grip on furniture and protects your hands from blisters.

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