Top Reasons to Hire Furniture Movers

You"ve finally decided to leave your hometown and move to a new place that could give way to a new chapter in your life. There are various ways to move, and some people choose to not hire movers for the sake of saving money. It"s doable and a great idea if your moving alone or if you have a few items to move around. Your uncle"s truck would be perfect for that. However, in cases when you have a lot of rooms stuffed in boxes, moving by yourself might be too taxing and even impossible to overcome.

The truth is it costs more if you have furniture to move and maybe even have an accident while moving them. If injuries, more stress, and heavy lifting is not your cup of tea, then it"s best to hire professionals who are more suited for the job. Now, why should you hire furniture movers? Here are the top reasons why:

Be injury free.

Handling heavy furniture can impose danger if it"s done by inexperienced hands. You need to have a right amount of strength, knowledge and the right equipment to move your sofa without fail. It also becomes more difficult if you have to go down a flight of stairs. You can never know if you will accidentally slip and not only break your furniture but also your back. However, professional movers can take off that burden off your shoulders and help you rest easy. They can efficiently move your heavy furniture as they have the right tools to do so.

Disassemble and assemble.

Are you tired of disassembling and assembling your furniture? Or are you finding the perfect plan for how to safely move your large loveseat outside? Before you decide to sell your beloved furniture, you can try to seek the help of relocation professionals. Furniture movers near me are trained in disassembly and assembly which you can opt for as an additional service. They can take apart your furniture without any damage and put them back together with ease at your new place. You never have to think about missing any pieces or thinking about how to fit your furniture through your doorway.

Right on schedule.

Moving becomes tenser if you have little time to make it a success. Procrastinating won"t do you any good as well as you might panic and even forget some important things that you need to do. Packing alone takes a lot of time especially if you haven"t done any purging or if you have a lot of rooms to organize. If this is your first move, you might succumb to stress and miss your deadline. The solution to this situation is to hire efficient movers who can pack and move your stuff without any problems. Just like how office movers can pack and move the whole office, furniture movers can also do wonders for your move. It"s because they are used to working around the clock, and they can do the task with high efficiency.

The good thing is you would be able to complete your move within your expected time frame and maybe even start on focusing on your new endeavor. You"d be surprised at how movers can save you in the nick of time!

As you can see, moving heavy furniture on your own can be done, but it has a lot of risks for you and your valuable items. The idea of saving money is not that important if you realize that you need to spend a lot of energy and even hardships in lifting furniture by yourself. Hiring capable furniture movers are worth every penny if you want to relocate and have a good start.

What You Need To Do When Hiring A Moving Company?

Things you need to do when hiring movers

When you are going to hire a moving service, you must verify that the chosen company is legally established. You should also request for an estimate before contracting the service, and in such case, their estimate should reflect on the contract. The moving company should provide the consumers with accurate and accessible information including the price of the service and some ancillary services, discounts, etc.

Insist on the so-called “Waybill," which is the real contract. The contract should specify the contract price and other information. This document will include the features, price, places, and dates of collection and delivery.

If a problem occurs, the customer should know that they have up to 24 hours after delivery to make their claims. It is desirable that you notify any loss or damage in writing to your mover. Companies often have insurance liability and transportation to cover certain contingencies.

Regarding the apparent damage perceived externally, it should be noted that the complaint is only valid when performed at the time of receiving the goods. Therefore, you should immediately unpack to check if there is damage to the content.

Hire an accredited company when moving to avoid problems

Practical tips to prevent problems when moving:

  • Request a written quote to several companies to compare prices, modes of transport and delivery conditions, among others. The quote can be very useful if you have to file a claim.
  • Be clear and precise when hiring.
  • It is helpful to develop a set of requirements so that they can give an accurate estimate.
  • Indicate the type of goods that you are going to transport, specifying their characteristics: weight, volume, accessibility to housing
  • Make reference to floor height, if you have a lift, and so on.
  • Unplug the refrigerator the day before
  • Do not water the pots, collect personal effects
  • Unplug the cables from computers, televisions, videos and other electrical appliances.
  • Be clear about the place where you want to place the goods and furniture placement.
  • Take the opportunity to get rid of clothes and belongings that you no longer use.
  • Make an inventory in which each box or package bears its content identified by a number or key.

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